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The oil and wine presses, the fire place, the surrounding vineyards and olive trees, … Both in summer and winter, the Valley of Barcedana welcomes you in all its splendour.
Josep Ma. i Mònica


Our rural tourism accommodation is located in an unknown valley of the Pyrenees of Lleida. Built in the 15th century by Francesc Roca, Casa Roca is a house that is overflowing with stories and tradition.

Just past the doorstep, next to a bowl for olive oil, you will see the former wine press. Although these are no longer used (technology has replaced them), we still make wine and olive oil for our own use. Up the stairs, you will be welcomed by a very old fireplace, in the middle of a room whose ceiling acts as chimney. The fireplace is surrounded by ancient benches where people used to sit, chat and have some toasts with quince aioli. This –almost unique– architectural jewel itself is worth the trip.

The surroundings

The Valley of Barcedana has traditionally been flooded with vineyards and olive trees. Nowadays, despite the major interest in wines produced in high spots, Casa Roca mainly grows olives, fruit and cereals (wheat, barley and rape, as alternative crop).

This environment, together with the services of the house, allows us to offer very familiar and genuine rural tourism as well as traditional gastronomy based on local production or homegrown and homemade products.

Saint Francis Chapel

Do not miss the chapel located next to the entrance door, devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi since 1637. This is another jewel of the house.

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