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... that ancient rural tourism house was genuine and enough isolated so that the guests could not hear any car during the whole night. The food was also vey good...
A bit of memory

[+] A bit of memory

Casa Roca has always been a country house deeply rooted in farm life.

Country houses’ rooms

[+] Country houses’ rooms

Big, spacious and, above all, welcoming. This adjective might be the one that best defines them.

Traditional cuisine

[+] Traditional cuisine

Based on recipes inherited from generation to generation and on local products, our cuisine is totally homemade in order to respect the traditional flavours.

Swimming pool & miniature golf

[+] Swimming pool, miniature golf

During the sunny days, there is nothing like taking a dip, having a drink or playing pitch.

[+] Casa Jaumet

Casa Jaumet also has two detached rural houses just next to the country house.

Casa Roca’s virgin olive oil

[+] Casa Roca’s virgin olive oil

Our olive oil is certified Integrated Production of Catalonia.

Telluric Concert in the Black Cave of Matasolana

[+] Telluric concert

Casa Roca offers you the opportunity to enjoy a dinner after the telluric concert in the Black Cave of Matasolana