... that ancient rural tourism house was genuine and enough isolated so that the guests could not hear any car during the whole night. The food was also vey good...

Dashes of gold and essence trickle from the presses: the olive oil is being born.

As the Valley of Barcedana is a valley of olive trees, our flagship product had to be olive oil, obviously. A first class product directly obtained from the ancient local olive trees of the valley, using exclusively mechanic procedures and traditional press (until recently, stone rolls were still used to grind the olives). This top quality olive oil has got unique organoleptic properties (scent, taste, ...), does not present any defect and contains all the natural vitamins and substances of olives.

Casa Roca’s olive oil is commercialised in plastic (1/4, 1, 2 and 5 litres) and glass (3/4 litre) bottles.

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